Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekly Update

Current Exhibitions

The opening for a miniature ocean was great! Thanks to everyone who came!

Below are some photos of the installation. I'll be adding more images to my website sometime this week.

Upcoming Exhibitions

I spent yesterday applying for some juried exhibitions, which was nice since it's been a while since I've had the time to sit down and do so. Among others, I applied for Mother/mother- at the A.I.R.Gallery in Brooklyn, NY ( and The Sketchbook Project 4, which is a traveling show of sketchbooks through Art House Co-op (, which sounded really fun.

In August I'll have a piece in the Fleisher Art Memorial Annual Faculty Exhibition (now I just have to decide which one!) and in September I have the solo show at Vagabond. Whew! That'll keep me busy for a while (a lady's gotta have deadlines...)

Work in Progress

Just started really fleshing out ideas for the Vagabond show and I hope to start sketching this week and start sculpting next week...We'll see how it goes!

Website Update

I'm in the process of re photographing my work...I've added some images to the website already, while some are still in desperate need of updating. Will keep at it...I swear.


Well it's official, the kittens are officially ours and have made themselves right at home. Our other cats are still adjusting but I think everything will turn out alright.

Sweetie is already a bit of a Diva.

Peach is still hissing at Sweetie and Jasper but is coming around...

O.B. and Jasper are nap buddies now, which is pretty freakin' cute.

Oh and the kittens are both taking well to their new job as official package inspectors.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekly Update

Current Exhibitions

Justin and I installed a miniature ocean on Friday and I am ecstatic to have a moment to breathe! Photos to come soon...

a miniature ocean

June 27th-July 30th, 2009

Mew Gallery

906 Christian Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Opening reception:
June 27th, 5-9pm

Work in Progress
Since I just wrapped up work on a miniature ocean, I'm going to take this week to clean the studio and pack some art that I've sold for shipping (yay!)

Next week though, new work begins...I have a couple of ideas in mind but plan on also using this week to finish planning and figure everything out.
Photos to come this week of process stuff that I did last week...

The kittens rescued from next door are doing great. We had them tested for bad cat diseases and they are free and clear (yay!). We have since named them (Sweetie Bird and Jasper). Now they are roaming free and constantly crawling up my legs and arms...!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend/Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Short and Sweet Sneak Peek

Since I've been getting ready for a miniature ocean like a mad woman, I am a bit lacking in the time department right now so we'll make this one short and sweet.

First, here's a sneak peek of one of the pieces from the show *almost* finished....I think.

And second, a shout out to the very fabulous Katie Henry, aka madebyhank, who gave my upcoming show a mention on her blog, which you can see here: madebyhankblog

She makes beautiful and fancy things like this:

And you can check out her Etsy shop here for many more fabulous things (Be quick like a bunny though, her work sells out super fast!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to Build an Ocean

So on Sunday I built two oceans, with some help from my lovely hub Justin...

First I traced the wave pattern onto a 4' x 8' sheet of Masonite.

Close up.

Next, I cut down some 1x6's to use for the sides.

Justin brought over his handy dandy compressor so I could use the pneumatic stapler.
It was fabulous...

I glued up the sides...

And clamped them in place...

And stapled the mess out of 'em.

Once the two sides were on, I cut and fit a 1x3 for the bottom piece...

And also stapled the mess out of that.

In order to make this panel hang on the wall easily while supporting the weight of the sculpture that's going on it, I knew I wanted to do a french cleat. Justin cut the cleat for me and attached one piece of it to the 1x6 that is the top of the panel.

The cleat.

Gluing the cleat to the 1x6.

And Justin stapled the heck out of that...he even threw in some screws for good measure.

This is us placing the top piece. We had to make sure it was low enough that it doesn't show when I cut out the waves.

More stapling.

Assembled panel.

Me cutting out waves.

Finished ocean hanging on its cleat.
Now all it needs is some patching, sanding and painting....sheesh!

Side view.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekly Update

Upcoming Exhibitions

It's almost here!

a miniature ocean

June 27th-July 30th, 2009

Mew Gallery

906 Christian Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Opening reception:
June 27th, 5-9pm

Work in Progress
Justin and I just spent the past weekend building oceans and making molds for a miniature ocean. We're both exhausted but a sculptor's work is never done so I'm off to the studio to demold, cast, and chase, not to mention the painting and sanding that needs doing. (Whew!)
And Justin is outside, happily drinking coffee while watching them continue to tear down the house next door.

Progress as of end of the workday on Friday

We've been feeding the orphaned kittens with an eye dropper (at first they hated the bottles....but seem to understand them better now) all weekend and we are totally in love with them! Once we get the all clear from our vet, we plan on keeping the little cuties (we just have to make sure they're free of fancy cat diseases that could pass from them to our current babies.)

I love this little face!

Justin gets to know the lil' stripey guy.

More on all of the above this week with many a demo to come...! Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fancy Fancy Blog Post!

A big fancy thank you to Dees (Desiree S.) for writing such niceness about me on her blog! Click here to see what she said: Daisy in lala Land
Thanks Dees!


So to preface this story, it must be said that the house next to ours is falling down. What makes this a big deal is that we live in a row home in north Philadelphia, so technically the house CONNECTED to ours is falling down...Our house is fine but the one next door is in need of some help.
See? There's a big giant tree growing out of it that knocked part of the back wall down! Yikes!

So the city hired some contractors to come take it down...which will be nice after its all said and done (but until then Justin and I are nervous wrecks!) They started this morning at the semi decent hour of 7:30am and Justin comes to wake me up at 8am with a surprise...I go downstairs and in our entryway are 2 baby kittens!!! One of the contractors found them in a closet on the 3rd floor of the house!

We don't know where their momma is or even how she got into the house (It's boarded and locked up on all floors except the 3rd floor and that's not exactly easily acessible...). We're going to try bottle feeding them kitty formula and see how they do! Baby kitties in house while sculpting baby bunnies! How exciting!