Friday, June 12, 2009


So to preface this story, it must be said that the house next to ours is falling down. What makes this a big deal is that we live in a row home in north Philadelphia, so technically the house CONNECTED to ours is falling down...Our house is fine but the one next door is in need of some help.
See? There's a big giant tree growing out of it that knocked part of the back wall down! Yikes!

So the city hired some contractors to come take it down...which will be nice after its all said and done (but until then Justin and I are nervous wrecks!) They started this morning at the semi decent hour of 7:30am and Justin comes to wake me up at 8am with a surprise...I go downstairs and in our entryway are 2 baby kittens!!! One of the contractors found them in a closet on the 3rd floor of the house!

We don't know where their momma is or even how she got into the house (It's boarded and locked up on all floors except the 3rd floor and that's not exactly easily acessible...). We're going to try bottle feeding them kitty formula and see how they do! Baby kitties in house while sculpting baby bunnies! How exciting!


Kwan said...

They are as cute as can be. I am a big animal lover, I have two cats, one kitten, two ducks, 16 chickens, two dogs and a rabbit. If I have the land I would have many more. They are lucky to have you to care for them, many people would not have taken them in.

Dees said...

OMG Darla!!!!that is so cute!
It is like they were just" meant to be!!Are you going to keep them??They would make really cute little models for future projects..hint..hint...I agree they are really lucky little wee ones to have ended up at your door!have a fun(and probably busy!)weekend!