Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brace for Impact: 72 days and counting

72 days. I have 72 days to finish up a body of work for my upcoming solo show, Brace for Impact. Originally, I was supposed to have a solo show in November 2013 at Liz Afif Gallery before it closed. Between the gallery closing and being over loaded with work at the Sculpture Gym, I never proceeded with finishing the work.

I had the idea to schedule a solo show and within the same week Steven, the Gallery Director at PSG, asked if I'd be interested in showing in PSG Gallery. I January. Crazy, considering the amount of things I want to accomplish, but normal when compared to the rest of my art career. Everything seems to have always come together on short notice, so I'm hoping to put together a really amazing show.

I've got a number of things started and hope to edit down from a larger group. I've also got some crazy ideas lined up for this show, so we will see what plays out. Either way, I am excited to be making things... Its been very hard lately to have not been making, creating... I know I am working on the Sculpture Gym, which is a space for others to create, but in order to feel whole I need to be making art. So here I go, again...