Thursday, April 23, 2009

Have sculpture...will travel

So one of my favorite ladies in Philadelphia came by the studio a few weeks ago and picked a couple of my little guys for a fancy show in her fabulous home. I installed them yesterday, after one rainstorm and before another, and I think they are quite happy to be there. A big thanks to the fabulous Eileen Tognini (!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Uppercase Magazine Interview!

I received my issue of Uppercase Magazine and was super excited to see that they made the interview with me a 4 page spread! It looks awesome and these quick pictures don't do it justice.
For your own fancy copy, visit

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Petits Fours Opening Reception TONIGHT!

Please join The Other Woman Collective at Arcadia Boutique tonight for the opening reception of Petits Fours.

Petits Fours: A Show of Miniatures, is an exhibition of new artwork by the members of The Other Woman (a ladies art collective) which opens at Arcadia Boutique on April 5th. Each member has challenged themselves to adapt their art-making processes to produce new bodies of Lilliputian works ranging from pocket- to pint-sized. As in the past, the artists create work in distinctly different media, but common themes and sensibilities tie the art together in a way that enriches the viewer's experience of each individuals' work.

Aubrie Costello’s miniatures combine to make a little world of theatrics. The patrons head to their seats, the stage is set, and the performers anxiously await their cue in their little niches. Together, all get ready for the big show.

Laura Graham explores object identification and identity in her newest collection of work, Identity Exercise. Each image is exposed onto japaned tin plates through the wet plate process.

Darla Jackson has created multiple rooms of a miniature house, where animals have taken over, yet still aren’t quite sure what it is they want to do with what they’ve gotten. Dark, yet ridiculous, this scenerio shows creatures who are determined to understand what it is that sets them apart from humans as they investigate their ill-gotten gains.

After a recent trip to an island paradise and a timely reading of Sister Carrie, Laura McKinley found a way to cast off recurring memories and troubling thoughts. In contrast to the tradition of bottling wishes, Laura has catalogued the thoughts that nag at her mind and weigh on her heart in a collection of postage-stamped sized pen and ink drawings, and then encapsulated them in a collection of miniature glass bottles. Her subjects range from loved ones lost to difficult relationships to her own perceived shortcomings, and through these painstaking miniature drawings, she hopes to contain them and set them sailing away.

Petits Fours runs from April 5 through May 31, 2008 at Arcadia Boutique, located at 819 North 2nd Street in Philadelphia. An artists' reception with refreshments will be held on Thursday, April 16th from 6:00-10:00pm. Be sure to bring your glasses.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Uppercase Magazine

I just got an email that said my issue of Uppercase Magazine shipped today!!! I can hardly wait to get it so I went on Uppercase's Flickr page to sneak some images: