Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekly Update

Current Exhibitions

The opening for a miniature ocean was great! Thanks to everyone who came!

Below are some photos of the installation. I'll be adding more images to my website sometime this week.

Upcoming Exhibitions

I spent yesterday applying for some juried exhibitions, which was nice since it's been a while since I've had the time to sit down and do so. Among others, I applied for Mother/mother- at the A.I.R.Gallery in Brooklyn, NY ( and The Sketchbook Project 4, which is a traveling show of sketchbooks through Art House Co-op (, which sounded really fun.

In August I'll have a piece in the Fleisher Art Memorial Annual Faculty Exhibition (now I just have to decide which one!) and in September I have the solo show at Vagabond. Whew! That'll keep me busy for a while (a lady's gotta have deadlines...)

Work in Progress

Just started really fleshing out ideas for the Vagabond show and I hope to start sketching this week and start sculpting next week...We'll see how it goes!

Website Update

I'm in the process of re photographing my work...I've added some images to the website already, while some are still in desperate need of updating. Will keep at it...I swear.


Well it's official, the kittens are officially ours and have made themselves right at home. Our other cats are still adjusting but I think everything will turn out alright.

Sweetie is already a bit of a Diva.

Peach is still hissing at Sweetie and Jasper but is coming around...

O.B. and Jasper are nap buddies now, which is pretty freakin' cute.

Oh and the kittens are both taking well to their new job as official package inspectors.


Dees said...

ohhh this is an overload of cute!Love your bunnies and LOVE your cats!!!!

Darla said...

Thanks Dees! The cats are so cute I can barely stand it!