Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Etsy, Winter and Me

So my little Black Friday Sale was really great on Etsy...I sold 3 pieces and am really happy about it. I also discovered a fancy little thing that is a coupon code that people can enter in and get a percentage off of the final total. So I decided to make one that will allow any readers 5% off of any sculpture, which will work even when there are sales happening. To get the discount type in the coupon code: FANCYSCULPTUREBLOG That's it!

Also Aubrie Costello and I are at it again. We are curating a show of Winter themed work for the next exhibition at Barefoot Doctor Community Acupuncture, which opens this Friday. Come check out work by Karol Baker, Misty Bourdess Wilt, Adam Cohen, Aubrie Costello, Gretchen Diehl, Drew Falchetta, Lisa Haskell, Thomas Homer Jr., Kelly Kozma, Kaitlin Mosley, Katie Van Vilet, Ali Williams and more! Join us from 6-9pm at 618 E. Girard Avenue, Phila, PA! Wine and snacks provided!

And I am wrapping up my semester at PAFA. Fleisher is done for now, but starting up again January 10th (If you want in on the Animal Sculpture Class, there is still room! They also offer tuition assistance!! Easy to apply for!!!). I plan to continue on with the planning of my next series and finishing up the bust of Olivia to model animal head masks on...Yesssss! More photos to come once I get my act together...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Philly Black Friday Fanciness!

Lots of fabulous Philly ladies are having Black Friday Sales via their Etsy stores. bloodmilk, adelina mictlan, & the black spot books are having a 15% off store wide sale on black friday in their shoppes on etsy with an extra 5% to you readers with the coupon codes listed below pictures. fleathers / rabid fox is having a sale right now in their shoppe until black friday. I'm offering 25% off all sculptures through Monday. Check it all out.
Screw Walmart and Best Buy... support fabulous local artists and give something special that will most certainly NOT be regifted!

bloodmilk coupon code: beetlejuice7
a.mictlan coupon code: doom5
fleathers/rabid fox 20% going on now thru black friday!
the black spot books coupon code: littlesilas

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Here we go...

So I got to spend about an hour and a half starting on the above piece today. It still needs alot of work, but its an ok start considering that O was climbing on me while I was sculpting it (!)... After finishing this piece, I'm going to cast it and use it as a form to create the animal heads on for my next series on (baby bodies, scary animal heads...yeah!). I'm still in the process of deciding what animals heads I'll be using but so far a wolf, a pig, a shark, a falcon, a crocodile and a few others are in the running. We'll see who comes out on top...but for now I am happy to be starting something, even if my model is climbing and peeing on me while I sculpt it...Such is sculptor mom life...!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Love is evoL

Clicking and whirring...that's what has been happening at late hours for me these days...and I can't just hop off to the studio at such times for multiple reason, the biggest of which is a fear of bad guys lurking about at said hours... ANYWAY, I can sit and think and plot and plan...which I am now doing and so far its working out well...The idea for my next body of work has gone from initial crazy starter idea phase into figuring out the underlying meanings to the crazy starter imagery and I am now starting to move into the research and planning phase, after or during which I plan to do some fancy drawings of the soon to be pieces...the drawings may or may not end up finished pieces themselves but I am excited about them...It will be different than my "normal" (HA!) work but I think that's a big part of the excitement, I think. More to come...