Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekly Update

Current Exhibitions

Justin and I installed a miniature ocean on Friday and I am ecstatic to have a moment to breathe! Photos to come soon...

a miniature ocean

June 27th-July 30th, 2009

Mew Gallery

906 Christian Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Opening reception:
June 27th, 5-9pm

Work in Progress
Since I just wrapped up work on a miniature ocean, I'm going to take this week to clean the studio and pack some art that I've sold for shipping (yay!)

Next week though, new work begins...I have a couple of ideas in mind but plan on also using this week to finish planning and figure everything out.
Photos to come this week of process stuff that I did last week...

The kittens rescued from next door are doing great. We had them tested for bad cat diseases and they are free and clear (yay!). We have since named them (Sweetie Bird and Jasper). Now they are roaming free and constantly crawling up my legs and arms...!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend/Father's Day!

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