Monday, March 28, 2011

Animal Show Opening Rescheduled

Yay! I got this email from Pterodactyl today:

Hello from Pterodactyl!

Last Saturday's opening of Animal Show was canceled at the last minute because of a 4 alarm fire across the street. See more info about the fire here. We are rescheduling the opening for THIS SATURDAY, April 2nd at 8pm. Hope everyone can make it!! Details for the show are below.

Animals become a canvas onto which we humans project our
myths, fantasies and ideas, making up our own meanings.
Animal Show explores ways in which animals are transformed
into such unwitting actors.

March 26-April 15 / Opening Saturday March 26 8-Midnight
3237 Amber Street, 5th Floor, Phila, PA 19134

With work by
Katie Henry // Ann Klicka // Emma Meetz // Darla Jackson
Matthew Lucash // Oranit Solomonov // Amy Scheidegger
Skuds Mckinley // Kevin Galloway // Kristen Solecki
Caitlin Carouge // Sarah Goodreau
Eleanor Grosch

Yikes! Opening Cancelled due to Fire across the street!

Saturday's Animal Show opening at Pterodactyl Philadelphia was canceled due to a scary fire across the street from the building. As soon as I saw that on Pterodactyl's Facebook page, I asked Justin to drive over and check on our space (our studio is in the same building as Pterodactyl). He couldn't get in as the street was blocked but he atleast saw that the smoke was blowing away from our building and that the fire seemed to be contained. But still...super scary and made me imagine what would happen if it had been our building?! Too scary to think about! Stay tuned for the new opening date for the Animal Show!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Featured Artist: CFEVA 9th Annual Benefit

I'm excited to have been chosen as one of 10 featured artists for the Center for Emerging Visual Artists 9th Annual Benefit on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 at The Center for Architecture in Philadelphia! Should be a fabulous and wonderful event, benefiting an amazing organization!
Below are the 10 featured artists. For more information or to purchase a ticket, call 215-546-7775 x10 or email

Rita Bernstein

Noah Addis

Greg Brellochs

Danielle Bursk

John Karpinski

Maggie Mills

Ron Tarver

Benjamin Volta

Darla Jackson

Kimberly Witham

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Coming soon...Some short videos of what happens in the studio via our little Flip video camera thing. Yup. That's it. For now...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fancy lady style

So I've been cleaning up, throwing out, hanging up, sorting, stacking, unpiling, etc in the studio, all in the name of making it a nicer place to work and to make the space make more sense now that Justin is in there with us. One of my sidebar plans is to make my sculpting area an amazingly beautiful and fabulous place to be, so that when I walk in I want to throw down all my bags and run over and start sculpting immediately. And here is one little piece of that, my new fancy sprayer, which is oh so much nicer than a shitty old Home Depot spray bottle, no?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Julie Buffalohead

I love when art I like finds me...I got an email from Julie Buffalohead with a link to her work in it and as I said in an email back to her, I feel like we were cut from the same cloth. Weird animals doing weird things, check. Strange baby undertones, check. Love it!

Kiddie Pool Scandal, 2008

The Placenta Eaters, 2009

Hostage, 2008