Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random Cats

I am super crankie today for some reason...too much to do, not enough time, feeling unprepared for things, hot, pregnant, these are here to make me feel better.

In the Studio

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weekly Update - Lazy style Wednesday Edition...

I haven't figured out if I'm really busy lately or just really lazy...I have a bunch on my plate and am actually getting stuff done, in the studio, the house, and in my brain...but I still feel like I'm neglecting 1000 things...And as I just wrote on my facebook page, I am trying to fit weeks worth of stuff into days. Good news is, though, that I started some new work (Process photos tomorrow! Promise!), and have a few upcoming projects that I'm really excited about, so I think I'm doing ok. (I think...) :)

Current Exhibitions

a miniature ocean comes down tomorrow....I will be oh so sad to see it go but will be excited to post the work on both my website and Etsy page.

Upcoming Exhibitions

South Philadelphia Boat Show
August 1 and 2nd, 2009
Opening August 1st from 1-7pm
1414 Darien Street
Philadelphia, PA

Includes work by Sara Atlas, Nick Balco, Gabriel Boyce, Alex Curtis, Nathan Dixon, Wyatt Dunn, Michael Eddinger, Joy Feasley, Richard Harrod, Beth Heinly, Katie Henry, Joseph Hu, Darla Jackson, Jake Kehs, Gabrielle Lavin, Preston Link, Tristin Lowe, Jacob Lunderby, Amy Mash, Joslyn Newman, Paul Swenbeck, Candace Vivian, Casey Watson and more...

More details in coming weeks on the following:
Fleisher Art Memorial Annual Faculty Exhibition from August-September
Installation at the Festival Bar Space during the Fringe Festival
Solo show at Vagabond in September
POST Open Studio in October
Art House Co-op Traveling Sketchbook Show IV starting in December

Work in Progress

I started working on the sculpture for my September show at Vagabond and am excited about it...! Will post photos tomorrow....!

Random Misc-ness

Bronze Casting with Sheike - There's this awesome guy at this casting place in the Jeweler's Row area...I think the name is International Casting or something like that...He's super nice and does a great job. Justin took a bunch of Kiki Smith pieces to him for casting a while back, when he worked for the foundry that casts her work (the pieces were so small that they were better suited to investment casting rather than the ceramic shell casting the foundry does) and Sheike did some fabulous casting work. And not only that, he's always really interested in how to innovate the process. He and Justin talk about casting and how to make it better every time they see each other. He's also interested in the difference between casting sculpture and jewelry bits and how to make the processes for one work for the other and vice versa. I love people like this! I'll be sure to include photos of the finished piece when it returns!

Til tomorrow!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Design Alphabet

I was contacted by The Design Alphabet Blog to let me know that they featured my work on their blog under "J" !

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In the Studio

Aubrie (my studio-mate and collaborator in craziness) sometimes leaves me strange gifts...

Justin is building fabulous pedestals...

Casting another What are you afraid of?...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekly Update

I inadvertently took the week off last week from writing and planning...I think my brain needed a rest from all the crazy that's been going on in and around my life. It was good though...had a chance to have a few much needed summer happenings....dinner with ladies on a west Philly front porch, nights at the Piazza staring at dogs babies and outfits while gossiping over good food (and wishing the water I was drinking was wine...), a trip to the beach on an amazingly misty day (which to tell you the truth made me love the experience was so creepy), a day at a water park to celebrate a friend turning 30, and a picnic...I'm tired today, but a good tired...ready to face the week...

Current Exhibitions

a miniature ocean is still up at Mew Gallery until July 30th. I keep seeing random photos of the work online that friends and others that I don't even know took, which is really exciting...

Photo by the fabulous Brooke Hine -

Upcoming Exhibitions

I've got a few things coming up...I was asked to participate in the South Philadelphia Boat Show
on August 1st and 2nd, which includes work by Sara Atlas, Nick Balco, Gabriel Boyce, Alex Curtis, Nathan Dixon, Wyatt Dunn, Michael Eddinger, Joy Feasley, Richard Harrod, Beth Heinly, Katie Henry, Joseph Hu, Darla Jackson, Jake Kehs, Gabrielle Lavin, Preston Link, Tristin Lowe, Jacob Lunderby, Amy Mash, Joslyn Newman, Paul Swenbeck, Candace Vivian, and Casey Watson.

As mentioned before, I'll have a piece in the Fleisher Art Memorial Annual Faculty Exhibition from August-September...and in September I'll be doing an installation at the Festival Bar Space at 5th and Fairmount during the Fringe Festival and I have the solo show at Vagabond, which I finally decided what I'm making for...Better get to it I guess!! More info to come...

Oh! and this Saturday I'm participating in the Handmade Market at the Memphis Taproom, located at 2331 E. Cumberland Street, Philly (Corner of Memphis + Cumberland)...Come visit!

Work in Progress

Here's something I wrote for The Other Woman Collective blog a few weeks ago about the newest work I'm making:

As I'm sure most artists do, I get an idea that's "IT"! "THE IDEA!" "I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS NOW!" and then change my mind 500 times and have 499 other varieties of the "IT" idea to further confuse myself with ("Now which one was better....idea 387 or idea 493????")
I've been feeling a bit that way over an upcoming show...I had the idea set, changed my mind a million times and then was left hemming and hawing between 2 "final" ideas. Funny thing is that you can mention these ideas to someone and they're like "Well what about (insert another good idea here)"...normally this sends me into a tizzy of reworking and re-evaluating but last night it was what clicked everything in place. Thank you Ms. Aubrie for unlocking the craziness that is my brain and helping me lock down on what is to come... "What did I do?" you might be asking yourself but sometimes its just as simple as that...I mean how many times has someone said the tiniest of things that made you want to race home to make art...? (It's not often or ever that I've actually done the racing home part...usually I just try not to forget what they said until I can write it down somewhere...) Anyway, specifically I was wrestling with two ideas: one involving animals and the use of boardwalk chance games and the other which will remain a secret until I get around to making thing at a time, for fear I will whip myself into another art idea frenzy at the mere mention of another idea (I am so dramatic today...)....So anyway, I've been trying to decide how the animals make sense in this situation blah blah blah and Aubrie says "well, what happens next to the baby rabbits in the last piece you did?" BINGO! Insert baby rabbits into boardwalk style chance games....Huh? You might be saying but here's how it goes: As you and any reader of the Philadelphia Weekly and City Paper know, I am currently knocked up. Bun in the oven. The stork has my address....however you wanna say it, there's a baby on the way. This is by far the biggest risk, leap, chance I've EVER taken in my life, so I figure Hey! Let's put little baby bunnies into these boardwalk games in a way that it looks like it could go horribly wrong. What the hell am I talking about? Picture a baby bun hanging among balloons that people are about the aim darts at... Another atop a Milk Bottle pyramid that is about to be toppled over with a bunnies in dunk tanks and so on. I figure I will be scared about the baby getting hurt everyday once its here so maybe I can get some of the worry out of my system by making this work....maybe...we'll see....

Well thats it for now...I am off to do more shipping prep (France and LA, here come my rabbits!) and to pick up a book I've been dying to own for a while now...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In the Studio and The Sketchbook Project

Oh, its a mess in here....

Also, I was sent the sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project that I'm participating in through The Art House Co-op and am including some before photos...everyone who signs up is sent a blank sketchbook and a theme (Mine is "Forgetting to call you back") in order to create a piece that will be included in a Sketchbook Library, which will travel across the United States at first and then be housed in a permanent location in 2010. Here it is before...

In progress shots to come...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekly Update

Ok so I did pretty good at "blogging" in the beginning of June but by the end just lost it...sure I still wrote a couple times a week but I was hoping to really keep it going strong...Oh well, no crying over lost time...there's always JULY! And holy crap, who can believe that its already the 6th of July (?!?!?) How did that happen!? Anyway, here's this week's update:

Current Exhibitions

a miniature ocean is still up at Mew Gallery until July 30th. Pop on by and check it out if you're in the area.

Upcoming Exhibitions

This weekend was spent researching, sketching, and planning my upcoming show at Vagabond in September...I am currently at a crossroad though. I have two ideas that I'm torn between. Neither idea is the one I originally had for the space but I think both are stronger ideas...They are actually both in the same ballpark, conceptually, but very different vibes...more on that later this week.

Website Update

It was 4th of July weekend and this did not fit in between BBQing, fireworks and s'mores...Whont whont. Maybe this week...


The kittens are adorable and often caught sleeping in random positions all over the house...

At the water bowl...

On the couch, of course...

And again...

Couple of the cutest guys ever...

And I like to think this was a carefully orchestrated scenerio,
with the thought that she awoke, she'd have breakfast in bed...

Oh man...they are too cute. Anyway, much to come this week...In the Studio updates and past promised mold demos and all that fancy stuff...Yay!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Art in Bars Blog

Today has been a fancy day for me online...for the second time today I was just browsing around various sites and found something about me (about me?!? how exciting!!). I was checking out Art in Bars and saw a post about Boutique Galleries and there was my name mentioned in reference to my current show at Mew. (Thanks Sequoia!!! Blush, blush!)

Check out the posting at

The blog itself is a nice mix of reviews of shows in nontraditional gallery spaces (coffee shops, bars, etc), fancy drinks (oh fancy drinks, how I miss you so...), art listings, reviews of fabulous food, calls for artists, and more! Take a look!!

Honorable Mention in Art vs. Design Competition

I just found out that I was one of 50 Honorable Mentions in the Art vs. Design Competition that was put together by Artists Wanted. I don't win a puppy or anything fancy...just got my name listed on this page on their website: but hey, I'll take it!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Off to meet the ladies...

I'm about to leave to go meet my co-members of The Other Woman Collective, an all ladies art collective that I co-formed with 3 like minded lovelies...Here's a bit about them:

Aubrie Costello -

Holla Atcha Girl, wall installation with summer clothes and two paintings, 2009

Aubrie has a way of making the most (pardon my french) fucked up things look beautiful. Her drawings and installations all manage to be raw yet refined, which would seem to be a contradiction but that girl has the eye and the balls to make it all work. How she doin'?

Laura Graham -

To the Sea, tintype, 2008

Laura Graham could take a photograph of the most boring thing you could imagine and somehow would manage to turn it into the most interesting and mysterious thing you've ever seen. Thing is, she never takes photos of anything boring so her work is even better than you just imagined it to be. Her carefully set scenarios, the secrets of her photographic processes and the sharpness of her eye all add up to a knockout combination...either that or its some kind of secret magic she knows and just isn't telling anyone about. Either way, I'll take it.

Laura McKinley -

Shilly - Shally, oil on canvas, 2009

Laura McKinley's paintings, to me, are each a carefully preserved moment in life, as if she just took that moment and put it in her pocket to show you later (except that she really made it into a big painting that wouldn't really fit in her pocket, but you know what I mean). And despite these moments being snips from her life, I feel like they speak more widely than each piece is a bit of a story that you can imagine yourself in it. I am always so excited to know what's happening next in this story...! And formally speaking, this girl can work color or a pattern like its her job!

Yay for ladies!