Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Installation Assistants

A shot from when these pieces were installed...the lovely Courtney Coolbaugh, intern extraordinaire and Olivia Rae, baby extraordinaire.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Holy crap...Its been one of those months...where I'm hugely busy but feel like nothing is getting done...and I'm behind on everything (Hellooooo taxes?). Well I'm trying to catch up and wanted to share some photos I've been sitting on from the Animal Show. I have no idea which work is whose, since there were no labels but I loved alot of the work. I'm sure a simple google search would easily point out which work belonged to which artist but I just finished my taxes and my brain is moosh. Sorry.

Oh wait...here are some easy ones...I made these two:

And I know who made these too! The fabulous Katie Henry!

No idea who did this piece but I loved it...

I was a big fan of this one too...

And to whoever made these prints, they are amazing...

And this piece was Olivia's favorite...The fluffballs slowly vibrated their way around the floor and O kept calling them "Doggies! Doggies!"

This has hardly been an eloquent review of this show, but forgive me, as I mentioned above, my brain is "post taxes" fried. It really was a great show. Thanks to Pterodactyl Philadelphia for having me!