Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekly Update

Upcoming Exhibitions

It's almost here!

a miniature ocean

June 27th-July 30th, 2009

Mew Gallery

906 Christian Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Opening reception:
June 27th, 5-9pm

Work in Progress
Justin and I just spent the past weekend building oceans and making molds for a miniature ocean. We're both exhausted but a sculptor's work is never done so I'm off to the studio to demold, cast, and chase, not to mention the painting and sanding that needs doing. (Whew!)
And Justin is outside, happily drinking coffee while watching them continue to tear down the house next door.

Progress as of end of the workday on Friday

We've been feeding the orphaned kittens with an eye dropper (at first they hated the bottles....but seem to understand them better now) all weekend and we are totally in love with them! Once we get the all clear from our vet, we plan on keeping the little cuties (we just have to make sure they're free of fancy cat diseases that could pass from them to our current babies.)

I love this little face!

Justin gets to know the lil' stripey guy.

More on all of the above this week with many a demo to come...! Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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Dees said...

Ohhh the kittens are tooooo cute!I am so happy they found a new and loving home♥