Saturday, September 19, 2009

Best Husband Ever

So I get a phone call today...
Me: "hello?"
Justin: "Do you want a horse skull for $25? It has a jaw and everything."
Me: "YES!!!!!!!!"
Justin: "Ok, I have to go get money out and I'll be home in a bit"

Sure enough, in a short while my hub comes home and walks in with the lower jaw of what looks to be a T-rex (it terms of hugeness...horses are so damn big!)...he runs back out and comes back in with the rest of it and I swear, it was like Christmas! It's so huge! And awesome! And perfect for sculpting, reference, using as a teaching prop, etc! I am so so so excited...!!!

Me and George (the skull)

Surely not every woman has a guy who sees a horse skull being sold on the side of the road and thinks of her...I consider myself lucky ;)

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