Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Off to meet the ladies...

I'm about to leave to go meet my co-members of The Other Woman Collective, an all ladies art collective that I co-formed with 3 like minded lovelies...Here's a bit about them:

Aubrie Costello -

Holla Atcha Girl, wall installation with summer clothes and two paintings, 2009

Aubrie has a way of making the most (pardon my french) fucked up things look beautiful. Her drawings and installations all manage to be raw yet refined, which would seem to be a contradiction but that girl has the eye and the balls to make it all work. How she doin'?

Laura Graham -

To the Sea, tintype, 2008

Laura Graham could take a photograph of the most boring thing you could imagine and somehow would manage to turn it into the most interesting and mysterious thing you've ever seen. Thing is, she never takes photos of anything boring so her work is even better than you just imagined it to be. Her carefully set scenarios, the secrets of her photographic processes and the sharpness of her eye all add up to a knockout combination...either that or its some kind of secret magic she knows and just isn't telling anyone about. Either way, I'll take it.

Laura McKinley -

Shilly - Shally, oil on canvas, 2009

Laura McKinley's paintings, to me, are each a carefully preserved moment in life, as if she just took that moment and put it in her pocket to show you later (except that she really made it into a big painting that wouldn't really fit in her pocket, but you know what I mean). And despite these moments being snips from her life, I feel like they speak more widely than each piece is a bit of a story that you can imagine yourself in it. I am always so excited to know what's happening next in this story...! And formally speaking, this girl can work color or a pattern like its her job!

Yay for ladies!

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