Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekly Update

I inadvertently took the week off last week from writing and planning...I think my brain needed a rest from all the crazy that's been going on in and around my life. It was good though...had a chance to have a few much needed summer happenings....dinner with ladies on a west Philly front porch, nights at the Piazza staring at dogs babies and outfits while gossiping over good food (and wishing the water I was drinking was wine...), a trip to the beach on an amazingly misty day (which to tell you the truth made me love the experience was so creepy), a day at a water park to celebrate a friend turning 30, and a picnic...I'm tired today, but a good tired...ready to face the week...

Current Exhibitions

a miniature ocean is still up at Mew Gallery until July 30th. I keep seeing random photos of the work online that friends and others that I don't even know took, which is really exciting...

Photo by the fabulous Brooke Hine -

Upcoming Exhibitions

I've got a few things coming up...I was asked to participate in the South Philadelphia Boat Show
on August 1st and 2nd, which includes work by Sara Atlas, Nick Balco, Gabriel Boyce, Alex Curtis, Nathan Dixon, Wyatt Dunn, Michael Eddinger, Joy Feasley, Richard Harrod, Beth Heinly, Katie Henry, Joseph Hu, Darla Jackson, Jake Kehs, Gabrielle Lavin, Preston Link, Tristin Lowe, Jacob Lunderby, Amy Mash, Joslyn Newman, Paul Swenbeck, Candace Vivian, and Casey Watson.

As mentioned before, I'll have a piece in the Fleisher Art Memorial Annual Faculty Exhibition from August-September...and in September I'll be doing an installation at the Festival Bar Space at 5th and Fairmount during the Fringe Festival and I have the solo show at Vagabond, which I finally decided what I'm making for...Better get to it I guess!! More info to come...

Oh! and this Saturday I'm participating in the Handmade Market at the Memphis Taproom, located at 2331 E. Cumberland Street, Philly (Corner of Memphis + Cumberland)...Come visit!

Work in Progress

Here's something I wrote for The Other Woman Collective blog a few weeks ago about the newest work I'm making:

As I'm sure most artists do, I get an idea that's "IT"! "THE IDEA!" "I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS NOW!" and then change my mind 500 times and have 499 other varieties of the "IT" idea to further confuse myself with ("Now which one was better....idea 387 or idea 493????")
I've been feeling a bit that way over an upcoming show...I had the idea set, changed my mind a million times and then was left hemming and hawing between 2 "final" ideas. Funny thing is that you can mention these ideas to someone and they're like "Well what about (insert another good idea here)"...normally this sends me into a tizzy of reworking and re-evaluating but last night it was what clicked everything in place. Thank you Ms. Aubrie for unlocking the craziness that is my brain and helping me lock down on what is to come... "What did I do?" you might be asking yourself but sometimes its just as simple as that...I mean how many times has someone said the tiniest of things that made you want to race home to make art...? (It's not often or ever that I've actually done the racing home part...usually I just try not to forget what they said until I can write it down somewhere...) Anyway, specifically I was wrestling with two ideas: one involving animals and the use of boardwalk chance games and the other which will remain a secret until I get around to making thing at a time, for fear I will whip myself into another art idea frenzy at the mere mention of another idea (I am so dramatic today...)....So anyway, I've been trying to decide how the animals make sense in this situation blah blah blah and Aubrie says "well, what happens next to the baby rabbits in the last piece you did?" BINGO! Insert baby rabbits into boardwalk style chance games....Huh? You might be saying but here's how it goes: As you and any reader of the Philadelphia Weekly and City Paper know, I am currently knocked up. Bun in the oven. The stork has my address....however you wanna say it, there's a baby on the way. This is by far the biggest risk, leap, chance I've EVER taken in my life, so I figure Hey! Let's put little baby bunnies into these boardwalk games in a way that it looks like it could go horribly wrong. What the hell am I talking about? Picture a baby bun hanging among balloons that people are about the aim darts at... Another atop a Milk Bottle pyramid that is about to be toppled over with a bunnies in dunk tanks and so on. I figure I will be scared about the baby getting hurt everyday once its here so maybe I can get some of the worry out of my system by making this work....maybe...we'll see....

Well thats it for now...I am off to do more shipping prep (France and LA, here come my rabbits!) and to pick up a book I've been dying to own for a while now...

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