Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weekly Update - Lazy style Wednesday Edition...

I haven't figured out if I'm really busy lately or just really lazy...I have a bunch on my plate and am actually getting stuff done, in the studio, the house, and in my brain...but I still feel like I'm neglecting 1000 things...And as I just wrote on my facebook page, I am trying to fit weeks worth of stuff into days. Good news is, though, that I started some new work (Process photos tomorrow! Promise!), and have a few upcoming projects that I'm really excited about, so I think I'm doing ok. (I think...) :)

Current Exhibitions

a miniature ocean comes down tomorrow....I will be oh so sad to see it go but will be excited to post the work on both my website and Etsy page.

Upcoming Exhibitions

South Philadelphia Boat Show
August 1 and 2nd, 2009
Opening August 1st from 1-7pm
1414 Darien Street
Philadelphia, PA

Includes work by Sara Atlas, Nick Balco, Gabriel Boyce, Alex Curtis, Nathan Dixon, Wyatt Dunn, Michael Eddinger, Joy Feasley, Richard Harrod, Beth Heinly, Katie Henry, Joseph Hu, Darla Jackson, Jake Kehs, Gabrielle Lavin, Preston Link, Tristin Lowe, Jacob Lunderby, Amy Mash, Joslyn Newman, Paul Swenbeck, Candace Vivian, Casey Watson and more...

More details in coming weeks on the following:
Fleisher Art Memorial Annual Faculty Exhibition from August-September
Installation at the Festival Bar Space during the Fringe Festival
Solo show at Vagabond in September
POST Open Studio in October
Art House Co-op Traveling Sketchbook Show IV starting in December

Work in Progress

I started working on the sculpture for my September show at Vagabond and am excited about it...! Will post photos tomorrow....!

Random Misc-ness

Bronze Casting with Sheike - There's this awesome guy at this casting place in the Jeweler's Row area...I think the name is International Casting or something like that...He's super nice and does a great job. Justin took a bunch of Kiki Smith pieces to him for casting a while back, when he worked for the foundry that casts her work (the pieces were so small that they were better suited to investment casting rather than the ceramic shell casting the foundry does) and Sheike did some fabulous casting work. And not only that, he's always really interested in how to innovate the process. He and Justin talk about casting and how to make it better every time they see each other. He's also interested in the difference between casting sculpture and jewelry bits and how to make the processes for one work for the other and vice versa. I love people like this! I'll be sure to include photos of the finished piece when it returns!

Til tomorrow!

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