Monday, July 14, 2008

Rubber, rubber everywhere...

Boot 090

Justin built these bucket dumpers to make for easier pouring, which is nice. We're using Polytek 74-29 rubber, which is a 2 part mix (by weight or volume). Each bucket weighs 40lbs when you start so it's nice not to have to hold and pour them.

Boot 095

We used these buckets and 2" chip brushes for the rubber. This size bucket is nice because its easy to handle while trying to paint rubber at the same time. This size brush was perfect for this piece.

Boot 103

We started out using 3lbs of rubber and quickly saw it wasn't enough and ended up mixing another 8lbs. That did the trick quite nicely. We painted an even layer over the whole thing, touching up spots that looked thin as we went.

Boot 105

The bucket dumpers after breaking them in.

Boot 107

Me painting up rubber.

Boot 114

1st coat of rubber finished! We'll let this set up and then move on to the 2nd coat.

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