Monday, July 14, 2008

Sealing and Prepping

Boot 057

Me and the finished boot.

Boot 063

Time to coat the boot with spray shellac. This will seal the clay a bit and help keep it from cracking while we get ready for the mold.

Boot 066

Always wear your respirator!

Boot 068

Justin spraying on the shellac.

Boot 075

Next we put the clay walls around areas the rubber will run down into.

Boot 082

Now it's time to put vaseline on the base. This makes sure the rubber won't stick to it.

Boot 073

Justin applying the vaseline.

Boot 087

Next we sparyed on 2 coats of Pol-ease to release the boot. This makes for easier removal of the mold when its finished. (Wear your respirator! This stuff is terrible to breathe in!)

Boot 085

The boot, sealed, prepped and ready for rubber!

Next up, rubber!

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