Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finished Rubber Mold

Mold1 002

This is the finished rubber mold. It's about 5 coats of rubber and the whole thing probably weighs about 120lbs...!

Mold1 004

The large strips along the center line of the piece are called "T's". These help the rubber key into the plaster mother mold that we'll be making next.

Mold1 008

This is what a "T" looks like in cross section (Upside down but you get where the whole "T" thing comes from, no?). Each T is solid rubber with no thickener added. Usually the T's we use are smaller but Justin made a special larger T mold for this project. (I forgot to take a photo of it...)

Mold1 001

This is a strip mold used to create rubber strips that are about 2.5 feet long by a half inch wide by a quarter inch high. These are placed on the large surfaces of the mold to also help it key into the plaster mother mold.

Up next: Shimming the rubber mold!

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