Thursday, May 6, 2010

Deinstalling sucks...

Unfortunately I've been too busy to write for the past two days because I was at the Art Alliance deinstalling my show, "While you were out..." This sucked for three reasons, the first being that I had a baby strapped to me for most of the deinstall, which made moving some of the things just about impossible to do without squashing Olivia. The second because I had to move ALL the furniture back into my house, which was looking very nice without the cat scratch fever line of furniture as an eye sore... And third, because I had to take the show down!! That always makes me sad! I never feel like its been long enough or that I'm ready and this time was no exception.
Anyway, aside from the suckery, the good bits were that, first, deinstalling with O'Rae wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. And moving things with a baby on me the first day made me able to do insane displays of human strength on the second day..."THERE'S NOT A BABY ON ME! LET ME PICK UP THIS TABLE BY MYSELF! HOW ABOUT THIS GIANT PLATE GLASS MIRROR? NO PROBLEM!" Justin was wondering why I needed him to come help if I was moving everything by myself... And about the house, well I think I'm going to just teach myself how to reupholster using the chairs that my cats scratched the 'ish out of as guinea pigs. AND my fabulous mother in law GAVE me the sexy desk that she loaned me for the exhibition. Thanks Ms. B! And despite being sad at seeing the show come down, I am really excited that I got a chance to show there, so thanks so much to the Art Alliance folks! Yay!

Oh! And the Flock birds winner is lucky #7 Ms. Sarah Hunt of Mouse Trap Vintage (picked by the random number generator on! Thanks so much to everyone for their comments!!!!!! And I really had fun doing that and love giving things away so check back during the first week of next month and maybe I'll have another fancy something to give away....!

OK...I am deliriously exhausted and must go to bed now....!

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