Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I just got a commission to sculpt a larger than life anvil for the Mother Bethel AME Church as part of their Richard Allen 250th Anniversary Celebration. Artist Gail Gaines contacted me (she worked on one of the Boots for the Moore College commission I did in 2008) and said she was working on a project that will be included as part of the celebration and that she needed a giant anvil. The significance of the anvil is that when Richard Allen and his followers started their own church, it began in a blacksmith's shop and the anvil was used as the pulpit. Justin and I are super excited because we both just really like anvils (Justin's actually done some forging...I've done a smidge (A very tiny smidge) but mostly just think they're sexy). Crazy bit is that it needs to be done in a week !!!! Meanwhile I am cranking out foxes and skunks and such (oh my!).
Will post process photos when I can! Should be stressfully fun!