Sunday, January 17, 2010

Darla Jackson Gift Guide

Every year when my birthday comes around and Justin asks what I want, I either can't think of anything I want or need or have lost the list of things that I've been trying to keep. This year I'm content to make a list of beautiful and/or fabulous things that I would buy myself if I had any extra money in my pockets.Ecochic ballet flats by TheGeneration

A Rosette Fascinator by Giant Dwarf

French Macaroons

Wonderfoods by Natalie Savona (Because Savannah left in in my car and there are waaaaay too many goods recipes to copy!)

A wonderful dinner at Kaffa's Crossing

mini terrariums by Tortise Loves Donkey

Dregg - antique leather journal with vintage striped fabric by The Black Spot Books

A Haircut at Juju

Homemade Living: Keeping Chickens with Ashley English by Ashley English

Plaid Shirt by Delicia at Three Sirens

Bunny Love Ring by Rabidfox
Felix by Melissa Dixson

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Darla said...

not sure why some of the text is so big...i tried to fix it to no avail!