Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sharks are scary...Sculpture is scarier...

So I was told by the fabulous Ms. Brooke Hines that a friend of hers had taken a very cool photo of my shark I scoured Facebook for said photo and found it:

Fabulous photo, no?
Thank you William Hubert Ferrell Jr. for taking it.

Also today I was thinking of how crazy I am for making big sculpture while wondering where I would store it all, when I remembered how the giant boot almost fell over on me while I was making the finished pieces weigh something like 40-60lbs each, but the actual clay original weighed about 1,200lbs...

How would this happen you ask? ...I was at the studio working on it and wanted to move it so I could get a better look at it from another side...Well one of the casters (which was held in by 3 hulking lag bolts that ripped out of the wood) failed and the whole thing lurched to one side.....Of course my natural reaction was to run under it and try to push it back up(?!!) myself(?!?!!!!!) and when I realized I couldn't, I had to:

1. continue to support it to keep it from falling all the way over (on me)
2. roll it ever so gently over to where I could reach my cell phone (?!)
3. call Justin and manage to get words out of my mouth besides f@#*....

I believe the conversation went something like this:
Me: F@#*!!Getthef@#*overhereNOW!The f#*ingbootisfallingthef@#*over!!!!!F@#*!
Him: Shit. I'm on my way (Sound of screeching tires in background...)

Husband to the rescue. Needless to say I survived...but sheesh...

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