Saturday, December 27, 2008


One day the wonderful and fabulous curator, collaborator and innovator, Eileen Tognini ( called me up with a very mysterious question: "How many little birds could you cast in a week?" Confused, I think I replied "Um, I guess like 90...why?" She said she'd get back to me with the details... Turns out she had an idea that involved using my little birds as a 3D wall installation.
Thinking this sounded very cool, I set to work casting a ton of little birds...

So far they have graced the walls of The Edgcumbe house during Doghaus, a fundraiser for the SPCA:

And then the Tognini home, for a curated exhibition during POST:

And most recently, at Bahdeebahdu for White Hot:

Eileen, the fabulously amazing lady that she is, has handled all the installations of these birds and always does an awesome job. Thank you Eileen!!!

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