Monday, November 17, 2008

Sharks and more...

I am currently making a life-size shark for an upcoming show at the Icebox...First, I'm sculpting it out of foam and then will coat the foam with either plastic or plaster to create the final surface.

Shark in progress (Yes, it's wearing a birthday hat. More on that later.)

It's still in the foam carving stage and definitely in need of adjustments, but so far so good...the foam carves like a dream (a very messy dream), the shape is coming along well, I like the concept behind the piece (more on that later) but the only thing that's REALLY bothering me is the size...Now maybe Jaws has ruined me into thinking all sharks need to be like 15ft long.... or maybe making giant boots have ruined me into thinking everything else I make is now tiny, but either way, I've got the beginnings of a 6 1/2 foot shark sculpture sitting in my studio that I think is "just too small"...and "just doesn't seem scary enough". Sheesh...

Also in progress is a bizarre animal scenario/installation, and these animals are also being carved out of foam and coated directly in either plaster or plastic. So far Katie Brown (best intern ever) and I have been busy carving the following out of foam: an owl, a crow, a rabbit, a chicken, a raccoon, and many little birds. On the way is a baby deer, a wolf, a cat, and some other little surprise guests. What the hell are they all doing you ask? Well more on that later :)

Animals in progress with shark (Yes, they are all wearing birthday hats. More on that later.)

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