Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not quite there but almost...

Worst lighting ever and totally washed out, here is another shot of the shark in progress. (Digital camera is broken and cell phone camera is all I have to work with...)

Shark in progress (Yes, he's still wearing a birthday hat...this time a different color....
more on that later...)

Spent all weekend on him in my FREEZING COLD studio. The process is direct plaster over carved foam. I'm using lathe in the fins instead of foam so they'll be thin, but still reinforced.
Since the piece is to be placed directly on the floor of the gallery space, I'm concerned with people walking into/messing with the fins so I may further reinforce them with sculpting epoxy.
Right now I'm working out the coloring of the patina and the birthday hat. I want the piece to stand out against the color of the floor and the hat to stand out against the color of the piece, with the two colors working well together...we'll see what I come up with...

Anyway, please come see the shark finished at Perspectives, a group show of CFEVA fellows at the Icebox. Here's the info:

December 3 - December 20, 2008

Reception: Thursday, December 11 6 - 9 PM
Location: The Ice Box, 1400 N. American Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122
Hours: Wed-Sun 12-6pm

Utilizing the grand scale and unique feel of the Icebox Project space, CFEVA’s Career Development Program Fellows present a diverse exhibition of works including photography, installation, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and book arts.

Artists: James B. Abbott, Julia Blaukopf, Anne Canfield, Jennifer Chapman, Elizabeth Crisman, Christopher Hondru, Darla Jackson, Joelle Jensen, John Karpinski, Keiko Miyamori, Jedediah Morfit, Katie Murken, Matthew Neff, Caleb Nussear, Tara O’Brien, Sean O'Neil, Scott Pellnat, Serena Perrone, Peter Prusinowski, Cecelia Rembert, Kara Rennert, Paul Rider, Marisha Simons

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