Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My what big sculptures you have...


Don't mind the funny picture of me...Just wanted to prove that yes, I am REALLY sculpting a giant boot. And yes, it's REALLY almost done. Just put out the call for some interns to help with the moldmaking/ casting and heard back from 3 people which was awesome. This is exactly the kind of crazy thing I would've wanted to work on either while still in school or just out of school.
One of the first big jobs I ever had right out of college was to sculpt farm animals for a children's exhibit in the State Museum of Harrisburg. I was working for Kitchen Sink Fabrications and we had to make a life size sheep, 2 lambs, a big pig, a little pig, an over life size rabbit, an over life size snail, an over life size bee, about a million carrots and cabbages (for the kids to "pick"), AND A GIANT CHICK!!!
Class 005
Class 006

I worked on this pig was so weird looking with the realistic glass eyes!

Me, Doug and Justin pouring the silicone rubber that the pigs were cast in. (This took forever!)

Finished pig!

Class 013
And I got to sculpt the maquette for the giant chick. It was scanned into CAD using a 3D scanner and a steel frame was build for it. It was then covered in fiberglass and spray foam, and THEN covered in sheep's wool (weird right? It really worked though...soft and know, like a baby chick!)

I told you it was big...
The Sheep family and baby pig.
Giant snail! (Made of silicone rubber and fiberglass.)

Stages of a bees life. (This one creeped me out...I wasn't a big fan of the bee larva)

Carrots and Cabbages for picking. (Not eating...they were made out of rubber and foam!)


And me with the giant chick. Funny, no?

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