Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dogs with Fronts

Another idea I had a while back is starting to come back boss told me this story about a dental assistant she spoke to who does volunteer work putting gold caps or doing gold fillings on dog's teeth. Generally its police dogs and other types of service dogs, as they are the ones that can afford to do so but it made me want to do a series of sculptures of dogs with gold fronts...

I have a friend who has a Cane Corso (Brassi!) and after reading up on them a bit, I definitely want to sculpt one, if not more of them.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ok so I wouldn't be sculpting a puppy but this was just too cute not to put up.)

Cane-corso-002 Cane-corso-005

So badass...

Another friend has a...well actually I'm not sure what type of dog he is....(I think maybe a Caucasian Ovcharka) (Odin!), but he's also getting sculpted with some fronts...


And I'll probably do a pitbull (Isabelle!!), maybe a Rottie (anyone I know have a Rottie?)...we'll see how the first few go and if its worth doing a whole bunch of them...


Rottie pup 001


(None of these dogs above are dogs I actually know....Only reference photos!)

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