Monday, February 3, 2014

Symbolism: 59 days and counting

I use a lot of symbolism in my work. I used to labor over my symbolism dictionaries, trying to decide what animals worked best in which pieces. And then one day I just starting trusting myself. I took the images that I was envisioning and just made them. Usually when I looked up the symbolism later, the animal I had chosen made perfect sense with the emotion or idea I was trying to convey. Here are the animals I am working with at the moment...

Bear: bravery; strength; self-restraint; cruelty; evil influence; a problem of difficulty; obstacle; violence; solitary life; martyrdom; stubbornness; melancholy; the dangerous aspect of the unconscious

Bird: the soul; the spirit; time; creation; aspiration; love; freedom

Deer: timidity; gentleness; the soul; searching after the truth;

Fawn: innocence; defenselessness

Rabbit: skepticism; suspicion; watchfulness; humbleness; a victim; resourcefulness; hope

Wolf: hunger; hypocrisy; lust; cruelty; fraud; deceit; war; cunning; ferocity; corruption; darkness; greed

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