Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baby Rabbit for Kickstarter!

I started sculpting this piece last night. I knew I wanted to do something special to offer as the reward for the $50 Kickstarter level (which offers a choice of either a small sculpture from Justin or I or a 1 week membership to the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym when we open) but I didn't know what. Then yesterday it hit me that I'd like to do a piece that worked with What are you afraid of?, one of my favorite pieces I've made to date (hey, I like rabbits!) I imagine this guy to be that piece at a young age (is that weird?) and am loving it so far. (Clay photos to come...right now the piece is in the car under a horse skull...don't ask.) The pieces always change atleast a bit from sketch to finished piece but I expect he will be in the 5-6" range. After the Kickstarter run is over I'll offer the piece for sale in my Etsy shop but for $200-$300, depending on the finished size. So if you are interested in getting a fancy piece while the gettin' is good, check out our Kickstarter page at the $50 level before October 19th! And check back for more photos!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I have made my pledge and will look forward to receiving this sculpture!!! I found out about this from following Lee Ohio on FB. Thanks!

Linda B

Darla said...

Thanks so much Linda!!! I really appreciate it!!!