Monday, August 29, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Studio Moves...Oh my!

Wow! Last week was insane! Between getting home from vacation on Monday, multiple natural disasters (my biggest rational fear....zombies are my biggest irrational fear) and moving my studio, I have been feeling crazy crazy crazy. After a vacation I usually need a few days to relax, decompress and get everything back in order. Not so this time... We decided to move our studio space so we came back to a week of frenzied packing, only to be interrupted by hurricane Irene! We wanted to get everything out of the studio this weekend but with the rain, wind and threat of awfulness everywhere, we decided to wait until today. Thankfully we didn't get hit as bad as anyone thought and all is well in our hood. That said we still have 3 days of moving ahead of us and all the biggest stuff is the most daunting. We have a big truck so that's not the's the weight of said heavy things and the fact that the hub has a bum elbow and his wrist has been bothering him...AND the fact that O'Rae, despite being the awesomest baby ever, does not have super human strength yet (I'm hoping it kicks in soon though...) so it's a pretty motley crew we have going on here...Here's hoping we get through the next 3 days in one piece and can get all our pieces in one place.

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