Monday, May 2, 2011

How to pack a baby deer...

I may have posted photos last time I shipped one of these out but here it is again for all who are interested in how to cavity pack a baby deer sculpture...

Step 1: Have husband build you an awesome double walled cardboard box. (See box below)

Step 2: Have Courtney (intern extraordinaire) cut many pieces of gray foam to fit inside the box.

Step 3: Place 1st piece of foam in box.

Step 4: Place 2nd piece of foam in box. This piece has been cut so the deer will fit into it.

Step 5: Place 3rd piece of foam into box. This piece was also cut so deer will fit into it.

Step 6: Line cut pieces of foam with Tyvek...This protects baby deer from scratchy foam (which I'm sure would be itchy).

Step 7: Nestle baby deer into his little Tyvek nest. Awww...

Step 8: Place another layer of foam. This piece is also cut out to fit the baby deer but the piece that touches his legs is covered in Tyvek.

Step 9: Add another piece of foam, also cut out to fit baby deer (notice as there is less of him to cover, the deer sized hole gets smaller and smaller). Tuck him in with some acid free tissue to cushion and protect him. The small white lump to the right is a bird that was included as a bonus.

Step 10: Add another piece of foam, also cut to fit the last part of the deer that still sticks up. Fill extra space with more acid free tissue so piece doesn't jostle around during shipping.

Step 11: Add top layer of foam and a note to the buyer.

Step 12: Close box.

Step 13: Tape box shut using brown packing tape. Label with directional arrows and the word FRAGILE as many times as it will fit.

And you'll be happy to know that this guy made it to his new home safe and sound. Yay!


Naomi Shiek said...

This is awesome. I wondered how you packed your deers, they're so big. I love clever packaging and I LOVE deers, so -- damn! Now I want one even more:)

Darla said...

Thanks Naomi! I am such a process nerd...I love documenting things like this. So glad you like it! :)