Monday, March 28, 2011

Yikes! Opening Cancelled due to Fire across the street!

Saturday's Animal Show opening at Pterodactyl Philadelphia was canceled due to a scary fire across the street from the building. As soon as I saw that on Pterodactyl's Facebook page, I asked Justin to drive over and check on our space (our studio is in the same building as Pterodactyl). He couldn't get in as the street was blocked but he atleast saw that the smoke was blowing away from our building and that the fire seemed to be contained. But still...super scary and made me imagine what would happen if it had been our building?! Too scary to think about! Stay tuned for the new opening date for the Animal Show!


Tau said...

I hope all of your work is ok, and no one was hurt!

We just had a major building fire in our campustown, destroying three stores. One was a restaurant that had been there for 30 some years! Its really sad, but at least no one was injured here.

Darla said...

All is ok in the studio thank goodness and it sounds like no one was hurt, double thank goodness!

And so sorry to hear about the fire!!! How awful! Disasters, both natural and unnatural, scare the heck out of me!