Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gerhard Demetz

Married to myself (Detail)

Your monsters are just like mine (Detail)

Your monsters are just like mine

Can we talk about how effing amazing these are? Wow. They are so creepy and fabulous. His use of color against the blonde wood makes me swoon, along with his eye for knowing when to leave areas rough and when to make them finished. Also the fact that you can see gaps where the pieces are put together adds to the overall spooky vibe. Not to mention the titles...le sigh. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to drive to my freezing cold studio at 1:11am on a late snowy night and just make things. Amazing things...

See more of his work here:


Laura Graham said...

I love these! I love the minimal color and texture too but I also love that a lot of his work is of children. But children who look like they know a lot. This work reminds me a little bit of Stephen Layne's sculptures.

Darla said...

Yes! Children who look like they've lived a thousand years! And I was thinking of telling Steve Layne about him as they reminded me of his work too! Psychic!