Monday, June 7, 2010


How is it not only June already, but officially a week into June? How the hell did that happen?
Anyway, looking forward to getting into the studio this week and will be deinstalling The Other Woman window installation at Trinity Framing on Thursday (I sold my two silhouettes...yay!).
Also looking forward to finishing ripping up the carpet in the first floor of our house and moving Justin's studio in with mine so our house is really just a house. Yes, we are back to sharing a studio, which I like and he doesn't seem to like quite as much...I like it because then all of our tools are in one place and I know where it all is. He isn't usually as excited as I am about all of our tools being in one place because I tend to be a bit of a whirlwind when I work and end up in a pile of dirty tools and mess. (Though I always clean up after!...eventually...) Justin is more methodical and meticulous about his tools and surroundings, so this will be an exercise in compromise for sure. We plan to reconfigure the whole studio, which will be great and chaotic. The sculpting and mold areas will shift and we may make room for a shop area (shop as in a place to build stuff, not a place to buy cute things.) Stay tuned for photos.
Also keep your eyes peeled for info on an upcoming show at Moore with my fellow members of The Other Woman. It will be a show of work by The Other Woman and The Philadelphia Ten!

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