Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To the Sea (and the ER)

So on Friday I was all set to install To The Sea at Barefoot Doctor Community Acupuncture ...however life sometimes throws you things you don't see coming, which is exactly what happened... Story goes: We took Olivia to her 6 week midwife appointment to get her weighed and checked and all that fancy stuff. Turned out her heart rate was crazy higher than normal. We tried to get a pediatrician to look at her but they refused and said she needed to go to the ER. Now she seemed fine...before we got to the appointment, during the appointment and even when her heart rate was skyrocketed, so of course when I heard she needed to go to the ER I was FREAKING OUT. My perfect little baby had to go to the land of doctors and kids with swine flu...fuck. AND I also had to install a show whose opening was that night...double fuck. (Forgive the expletives...but it was very much an appropriate situation for them at the time.) I called the amazing Ms. Aubrie Costello and burst into tears when she answered the phone. I recapped the situation and she said she would handle the installation (!!). So while we sat for something like 7 hours in the ER (turns out Olivia is slightly anemic but fine otherwise) Aubrie installed the whole show. Anne Canfield helped her and they are my heroes. Justin and I stopped by the opening on our way home and it looked amazing. Thank you so much ladies for saving my ass and doing it so well! :)

I told Olivia I knew she was faking...how can you be this cute and sick?

To The Sea
Featuring work by Anne Canfield, Aubrie Costello, Margaux Kent, Katie Marlowe, and Kaitlin Mosley

This is how we felt after the day of craziness...

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Julie Schuler said...

Hope your little one recovers. She looks so sweet and healthy. Hope you recover as well! It always shaves years off of my life when something happens with the children.