Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby-ness vs. Art-ness

Been super busy...trying to balance baby-ness with art-ness. Did so yesterday by taking Ms. Olivia (baby-ness) to the Art Alliance with me to take measurements (art-ness). Brooke, Justin, Olivia and I took it all in, we measured, we discussed...overall, despite the short amount of time and general life craziness at this given moment, I am feeling pretty good about the whole thing...That said, I need to find a decent amount of old, messed up fancy furniture; a long skinny table, a secretary (the desk kind, not the person kind...), a big mirror and a very large oval painting...thankfully I have a chair, a sette and an end table that are already messed up via the claws of my many cats...I never thought I'd be happy about the fact that they've ruined my stuff but lucky for them I come up with craziness that requires once-fancy-now-crappy furniture.
Anyway, another aspect of baby/artness is starting to teach again in January...what's awesome is that both of my classes are running at Fleisher (Animal Sculpture and Sculptural Forms)...what's crazy is that it will be the first time I'll be away from Ms. Olivia (ah!)...maybe she'll come be a model? ;) Anyway, the Animal Sculpture clas still has space in it but Sculptural Forms filled up the first day it was offered (which always makes me feel pretty cool :)
Another exciting development is that the Sudbury Valley Trustees, a non-profit open space preservation organization that I did a sculpture for as a commission, is making my sculpture the centerpiece (!) of their 2010 black tie (!) gala (!!). Woah! That was super-duper exciting to find out...and Justin, Olivia and I (babyness) are all invited to attend (artness!). Question is, what does a baby wear to a black tie event....hmmmmm...don't know, but I'm sure it will be amazingly cute. :)
Well the fam (babyness) is off to the Wagner (artness) to do some research for the Art Alliance show. Super old dead animals, here we come! (May I take this time to note that I hope my daughter grows up with a love for old creepy taxidermy, crazy bones and things of that nature...)

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