Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 New Years Resolutions for 2010

I saw an idea I liked on Poppytalk where they gave 10 New Year's resolutions for 2010. Here are mine...
1. Gear up - I have a whole 'lotta art promotion I want to do this year so I want to start the year by updating and organizing my art business life...
2. Crack down - My goal is to create a budget AND actually stick to it.
3. Breathe out - I'd love to relax and not let everylittletinything get to me, as they often tend to do.
4. Stack bills - Now that I am really and truly a full time artist with no side jobs unrelated to art, I need to motivate and make real live actual live on it almost comfortably money with my skills.
5. Un-plug - I spend far too much time on the internet and Blackberry. I'd like to spend more of that time with my family and in the studio.
6. Clean out - I have a whole house full of stuff and I'm sure I definitely can do without atleast 1/3 of it. I plan to tackle and sell a lot of it. (I supposed this is an addendum to 'Stack bills'.)
7. Get up - I want to spend more time walking in the woods and getting out of this city.
8. Show off - I want to show my daughter how to do everything. If Justin and I have our way, she'll be a beatboxin', step dancin', yoga-in' little artist who can cast bronze, fix a broken toilet or rewire an outlet if she has to, all while baking a pie and petting baby bunnies. (We don't expect all this by the end of next year though...)
9. Cut out - I want to stop eating food that comes from god knows where and has who knows what in it. I plan to buy, grow, make food that is organic, local and that contains ingrediants discernable by people who aren't crazy food scientists.
10. Grip tight - I plan on making more time for people I really love. I have some friends and family that are going away, some that are already far away and some that are right here in Philly. I just want them to know how important they are, whether they're here or there.

Wish me luck ;)

Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone! xoxo

PS go outside and look up at the moon as it turns to 2010...supposed to be a full moon, a blue moon and a lunar eclipse!

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