Monday, November 23, 2009

In the Living Room...

I love random brainstorming sessions that start out as innocent get togethers...Today Margaux and Walter came by to see our house (finally after what seems like ages that Margaux and I have been trying to do this!) and what started as a tour of the house turned into a long talk about, among other things, conspiracy theory, religion, making things and bloggery. Margaux is a very talented maker of many things, including photos, jewelry and fabulous books. Walter is a painter and builder of fabulous things. Being 1/2 of a couple who makes stuff, it's always so great to sit down with another couple who makes stuff...its not just anyone who can spend hours talking about house fixing and tin ceilings and toy making and what tool is best for what job and how best to put this together, etc etc etc... I feel like not everyone appreciates how much work goes in making and building things and when I find people who do its really exciting... Anyway, much was discussed and after they left, both Justin and I set to work, improving upon things that were talked about this afternoon. This was exciting considering that I was ready to spend the rest of my Monday in my pajamas on the couch reading.
Yay for inspiration and motivation!

Here are a couple of pieces by Margaux that I love (I love so many of her pieces so its hard to choose!):
Self Portrait As A Drowned Girl, Polaroid Pigment Inkjet Print 2007

Sorens Side Scuttle, A View To Victorian Sea Life - Journal

Both things can be found on


The Black Spot Books said...

!!! oh, Darla the ever-wonderful. I just returned home and am trying to figure out this bloggy thing. I think Ima hafta call. Oh, fer poots.

The Black Spot Books said...

oh, so i got something to work. a silly photograph and the black spot books. next.