Wednesday, October 14, 2009

oh Deer...

Last night I brought a taxidermied deer head to my Fleisher class for my students to sculpt. It was fun...he was a bit raggedy around the edges but there were some really nice sculptures made, despite his shoddy appearance... And it got me thinking about all the taxidermied animals and taxidermy forms that are used in art and how I feel about all that. As an animal sculptor, I think taxidermy and taxidermy forms can be great reference material, BUT I get infuriated when people try to pass off something done over a taxidermy form as "Oh I made this whole thing myself." For god's sake just reference the damn taxidermy form! It's like people saying they sculpted a life cast. Argh! Anyway, here are some things I found that are related...some real taxidermy, some work done over forms, some real live actual sculpture, some more design than art...

Taxidermy Forms

Work by Rachel Denny
I like these sweater covered deer heads by Rachel Denny, who references the use of Polyurethane Foam in her materials, which to me is enough of a nod to what lies beneath. (The taxidermy forms are made of foam.) And she makes it her own with the sweater covering.

Real taxidermy birds in headphones....I heart this.

A manipulated taxidermy fawn...creepy...

I'm assuming this is a real taxidermy elephant...???!!!! Insane!

Taxidermy + stuffed animals = Annette Messager



This is the scariest photo I've EVER seen...EVER!


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