Monday, September 14, 2009

Darla in Real Life

I's what I do. I come from a line of worriers...My mom is way better at sneaky worrying than my Grandmother is...She'll atleast ask concerned questions, instead of launching a full on attack of scary "facts" and questions and statements, like my grandmother would in a way I think my mom has helped me be a much more normal worrier than I might have ended up otherwise...
Still, I feel like my own personal worrying has changed in the last year (most likely due to being pregnant for most of the year)...I used to worry without doing much about it, would forget and get over it until I was reminded again of said cause of worry days, months or years later, ie, killer bees, monsoons, food poisoning, stove on, etc, etc, etc.
Now I try to be a responsible worrier...When I worry about something, I try to research it a) so I can learn more about it (which sometimes makes me more scared) and b) so I can try and do something about it.
Something that came up recently is cell phones...Justin and I were talking with our friend Laura about how we don't really know how bad they are for us...we suspect the badness but aren't sure and have never really bothered to look into it. Funny enough I got an email today from the environmental working group (You want to feed paranoia...go to this site. It's awesome and scary scary scary.) about cell phones and whether they are safe. You can search for your phone and see what models are better. There's also an article about 8 steps you can take to reduce your radiation exposure, which I thought was good to include. Turns out that our cell phones are two of the bad guys (shit.) but we've been needing new ones anyway so...maybe we'll switch it up and get ones with lower radiation exposure... Anyway, in case anyone else out there is paranoid like I am, here's the article: IS YOUR CELL PHONE SAFE?
I know this has nothing to do with art. Sorry for that. I've just been in "life business mode" today...meaning paying bills, tracking a package to Belgium that has gone missing, cleaning up my filing cabinet, and overall being responsible and organizing my I felt like this was more on my mind at the moment.
Anywho...Happy Monday.

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