Thursday, September 3, 2009

2 days, 2 Installs

Whew, this week was crazy....getting ready for two shows... Here are some images from both:

First is an installation at the Fringe Festival Bar at 5th and Fairmount in Philadelphia...

The creepy guy under the hood is a raccoon I sculpted a while back...they wanted a hooded figure and he was the chosen man of mystery...

Next is my solo show at Vagabond. The space is small so its only 3 pieces but I think they're pretty funny...and a good continuation from the work I made for a miniature ocean.

Try your luck..., Mixed Media, 30"h x 30"w x 5"d, 2009

Take a shot..., Mixed Media, 12"h x 36"w x 10"d, 2009

Test your aim..., Mixed Media, 36"h x 60"w x 6"d, 2009


interestingLee said...

Your sculptures are so life-like! The rabbit in "take your aim" made me *gasp* when I saw him! =X

MarieE said...

wow Darla,
The preliminary backdrop images seemed playful, but those poor bunnies are so vulnerable! It totally wrenched the motherish fear in me.

pierre said...

nice instalation! like the black one