Monday, August 3, 2009

The South Philadelphia Boat Show

I went to the opening of The South Philadelphia Boat Show on Saturday, at Storage, a space headed by Jake Kehs, Gus, and Preston.

It was pretty awesome...the work was insanely varied but it all fit together really well. I took a bunch of photos and don't know who alot of this work is by but if anyone takes a peek and knows an artist whose work is shown here, I'll gladly add their name!

Fancy embroidered boat that I loved.

A lovely cut paper/pencil piece which I feel like I should know who this is by but I don' just looks very familiar to me for some reason.

Shark in the bathroom!

Blocks of cocaine in a mini boat! Hysterical!

No idea who this is by but I loved it!

I didn't know who this was by when I took the photo but thought it was awesome. I happily found out later that it's by the fabulous Ms. Kaitlin Mosely!

Who doesn't love a saggy sewn anchor...!

I'm assuming this is Tristan Lowe's, since it shares a title with the giant felt whale at the Fabric Workshop and that its printed on felt. I love the image and the texture of the felt.

This was a secret little video hidden in a hole in the drywall...!

This piece was done by my friend Jake Kehs, who said all the little floating and collaged bits were cut from a Harbor Freight catalog...upon closer inspection Justin and I cracked up...sure enough he cut tiny little tools out of the catalogs. Anyone who's ever ordered from Harbor Freight know that the catalogs come VERY often and so I thought this was a genius use of them.

A ginger-boat...made of candy and was awesome.

A great drawing of a habatchi and rubber band powered boat by Hiro Sakaguchi.

T-Pain as Neptune...I almost died laughing when I saw this. And it was made really well too, so it was doubly wonderful.

I have no idea who made these boats in beds but I am absolutely in love with them....

There were about a billion other things and I missed photos of them somehow...I didn't even get a good photo of my own piece! But for real, the show was amazing...

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Dees said...

wow that must have been some show!really awesome!thanks for all the photo's I really enjoyed it!