Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekly Update

Current Exhibitions

This is the last week for My Dog Speaks, a fabulous show curated by Hiro Sakaguchi. The show was reviewed in the Philadelphia Weekly, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and had a short blip in the "Catch it or Regret it" section of the City Paper.
Links to the articles:
Philadelphia Weekly
Philadelphia Inquirer
City Paper

My Dog Speaks

Through June 9, 2009

Seraphin Gallery

1108 Pine Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107

Upcoming Exhibitions

a miniature ocean
June 27th-July 30th, 2009

Mew Gallery

906 Christian Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Opening reception:
June 27th, 5-9pm

Graphic Art Room

My work is now featured on the website of the Graphic Art Room, a gallery that will be opening in Tremelo, Belgium in September 2009. Check out the website here!

New Work
I'm still sculpting away on the new work for a miniature ocean and will be making molds and casting soon (which hopefully ends up as a fancy mold making demo for the blog later in the week). Once this show is installed next week, after a short lil' trip to the Poconos (a lady's gotta relax!), I'll be starting new work for an as yet untitled solo show in September. Never a dull moment!

Right now I'm off to Woodmere Art Museum with a sick husband, who despite being sick still offered to help me pick up my beast of a peacock sculpture that's been hanging out there since March. Then off to the studio to finish up some baby bunnies! More tomorrow!


Dees said...

awww good luck with hubby,mine just had the flu and I know I musn't say it but when men are sick geeeeez....the moaning...LOL!Well but he also sounds like my husband.Always willing to help you out no matter what!I can not wait to see your molds and how you make them,I really LOVE looking at other peoples work and methods!and the baby bunnies awww can't wait for those either!thanks for sharing these lovely posts!xoxo
PS I am planning to write about you on my blog is that ok?xoxo

Darla said...

I know, right? Men are such a pain when sick! (Sorry Justin but its true!!)
And yes Dees! I'd love to be on your blog! Thank you!!