Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to - Cavity Packing Sculpture

Now maybe this isn't the most exciting interesting thing in the universe to write about, but it is certainly useful information for anyone needing to pack sculpture or other fragile 3-dimensional objects...

Lucky for me I have a husband who is a professional art handler/packer. He works for Crozier Fine Arts ( and does one heck of a job if do I say so myself. (Especially since he stayed up late and taught me how to cavity pack my plaster birds for safe shipping after he had already worked a long long day.)

So here's the scoop:

First, we cut a layer of softer grey foam for the bottom of the box.

Here it is, nice and snug!

Then we cut another layer the same size but this time used a slightly harder foam. (Action shot!)

O.B. and I paid careful attention to each step. Peach was too busy taking a nap.

2nd layer of foam in place.

Next we placed the birds on the foam so that they were somewhat evenly spaced apart from one another and far enough away from the edge.

Here's the spacing:

Next we traced a line around each bird (being careful not to get marker on them!)

These are the shapes we'll cut out.

And the cutting...

Justin is such a good Vanna White, isn't he?

Testing for a good fit...

We then continued to cut out the rest of the birds until all 5 were done. We then nestled them safely into their little cubbies (cavities).

We cut a 1" thick piece of foam to go over top, then closed up the boxes with copious amounts of packing tape. They are now waiting by my front door to be taken away to the Post Office and shipped to their new owners! Yay!

The aftermath...

A big thanks to my hub for his lesson and time and patience and all the other fancy stuff he does.


Dees said...

My goodness the packaging is an artwork itself!It is wonderful your husband is such a pro at this!The birds look awesome all together!great post again!

Katie said...

Awesome! Now I know, in case I have to ship any sculptures soon....I am always a nervous wreck when I do it!