Monday, December 1, 2008

The party hat obsession began with making a party hat for the installation I did in the window of Arcadia Boutique with my fellow members of The Other Woman Collective :

Installation at Arcadia Boutique, October-November 2008

This led to me want to sculpt a dead dead wearing a party hat (?! I never said I was normal...):

Sketch for Dead Deer in Party Hat, 5ft high x 6ft wide, 2008

Which led to me create a scenario for the dead deer in the party hat:

Maquette for party scene, 12"h x 18"w x 4"d, 2008
(all those brown lumps are quick clay sketches of various animals)

Which led me to start carving foam animals to be covered in plaster for inclusion in the above scene:

Foam animals in progress, Various sizes, 2008

Well what happens next? A cliffhanger, I know...

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