Thursday, November 13, 2008

Inquirer Article

Here's a link to the article about the boot project in today's Inquirer:

And here's where they talk about me :)

"After Lutz floated a proposal up the chain of command, the university picked Moore graduate Darla Jackson to sculpt a boot.

Jackson completed a 12-inch sample within a few weeks. Upon approval, she started building the 6-foot rubber mold.

To make the boots, she poured three layers of polyurethane plastic into the halves of the mold. The hollow, 40-pound sculptures took three days each to make, and by the end of three months, Jackson said, she was dreaming of boots.

"It's a blend of different kinds of Victorian boots," Jackson said of the cast.

"We wanted something that wasn't too feminine, but we wanted to show details and wrinkles. These boots had been worn, but they still had a long way to travel."

The process happened a bit differently than they describe it (like sculpting the giant boot before making the rubber mold of it) and the three days per boot mentioned was for the casting only (and didn't include the months of sculpting and mold making) but other than that I am totally happy with the article.


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