Sunday, September 14, 2008

Putting the Mold Back Together

So begins the casting process...
To make a casting you have to make sure your mold is put back together properly


Here are the mold pieces for one side of the boot


Here are Justin and Adam putting them back together. You have to line them up and put bolts through the holes.


Here's Justin holding the mold so we can tighten the bolts. We tighten the bolts somewhat, just so we can stand up the mold and it won't fall apart on us.


Here's the mold after we've stood it up and Justin is tightening the bolts.


The inside of the mold. We now will lay the mold down on saw horses so it will be flat when we put the rubber in and for the rest of the plastic process.


Rubber mold half. Boy are these heavy. We carry them over and basically thrown them into the mother molds. We then have to make sure it keys in correctly and that all the T's and strips are in place.


Justin and Adam making sure the rubber it in the mother mold correctly so we can start the next part...casting!

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