Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Boots and Backyard visitors

It seems that I go through these phases....sometimes I won't have ANY ideas for new work at all. Other times I'll have almost too many. And of course I never seem to have ideas when I have spare time and always have tons of ideas when I am more busy than I've ever been. Right now I have lots of ideas...and no time. The commission I got from Moore College of Art to sculpt a 6 foot high victorian boot is coming along really well but its eaten up all the sculpting time I have. Shoe Comparison 1 Studio 009

(Left image is the maquette with the large boot armature. Right image is me with the large boot in progress.)

Anyway, we're getting ready to finish up the sculpting and start the moldmaking and casting process. I figure that I'd like to start a few new sculptures while this is going on, so if I have a few days where casting giant boots is really making me nuts (I have a feeling there will be at least a few of those) I can atleast be working on some of my own sculptures.

I've had these opossums in my back yard for the past few months (they eat the cat food at night...and sometimes in the late afternoon). Opossums are so weird looking, or as my mom would say "ugly cute", and I definitely think I want to start sculpting some.


My backyard opossums.

Not sure what I want to do with them yet but they've got a few things going for them:


They're interesting looking (like rats with cooler hairdos).


They do stuff like this.

Upside down

And this.

Play dead

They play dead when they're scared.


And at times, they are like little baby opossum school buses.

More on this when I figure out what I'm doing with it...

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